Adding elegance to your dining table

Adding panache to your Dining at home 

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Here’s a step-by-step guide for creating magic at your dinning table as expressed by François de La Rochefoucauld,  “to eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

Enhance your meal by creating a visual feast. Beautiful dinnerware complements your meals, sets the tone for your at-home dining experiences and expresses your personal style by bringing your table to life taking mealtime to a whole new realm. Even the varied textures of tableware, linen, candlelight, centrepieces can dress the atmosphere of the table.

Personalising presentation

Selecting the right tableware can make a huge difference not just in food presentation, but also in adding personality. In today’s food culture, tableware goes beyond function, as it communicates the overall ambiance and theme for an impressive dining experience. Delectable gourmet food can be made more fascinating with the use of the right tableware.

Selecting tableware

Consider your personal needs before selecting a tableware, the size of your family, the frequency with you entertain both ‘formal get togethers’ or ‘informal occasions’ and the amount of space you have to store extras. Consider what sort of style will suit your home - bold, calm or neutral, with or without decoration. Decide if you want all-matching items or mix and match. Are you looking for a brand new set to complement your home decor, or a few new items in a different colour or style to refresh and interest to your table.

The essential pieces of tableware

The essential pieces of formal tableware ideal for individuals or couples building their collections includes pieces like large dinner plates, salad or dessert plates, bread and butter plates, teacups and saucers, and soup/pasta bowls with underliners, bread/cheese platters, ceramic platters, serving bowls for soup, ramen and smoothies and ceramic platters for serving. 

Choosing the right tableware pattern

Tableware patterns fall into three types of design:

  • Romantic - Romantic patterns are reminiscent of living things, such as birds, shells, flowers, and fruit. The ornamentation is curvilinear and compliments flatware, stemware, and furnishings decorated with rounded motifs.
  • Classic designs - are adapted from historical periods, such as the straight lines of neoclassic designs or the curving asymmetry of rococo. When a classic pattern includes both geometric and curving lines, accent the dominant line in the flatware, stemware, and furnishings. This permits informal to elegant, seasonal, or daily use.

Abstract is in

  • Modern patterns - are abstract in concept and often depict geometric motifs that look well with flatware, stemware, and furniture designed with straight lines. Dress your table with specially shaped plates to add geometrical flair to the dinner table as these build the mood for a happy and bright day or moody and romantic evening dinner.

Find a dinnerware pattern you love but factors such as weight, durability and feel of the individual pieces should also play a role in your selection.  We recommend bone china and porcelain tableware as the best dinnerware.

Choosing the Shape of the Plates

Plates are divided into rim or coupe shapes.

 Rim shaped plate

  • Rim-shaped plates originated in Europe. In the West, food portions are cut into bite-size pieces at the table, and the rim-shaped plate is made with a well that collects the juices that flow from the food.
  • Coupe-shaped plates have no rim and accommodate the way food is cooked and served in the East. To allow space for the courses on one plate, the diameter of the coupe-shaped dinner plate is approximately 1 inch larger than that of the rim-shaped dinner plate.

Appetizer plates.

Entertaining is a breeze with beautiful appetizer plates to make a difference while welcoming friends and family into your house. Get creative while serving sushi, small bites, antipasto, hors d'oeuvres—whatever you call that tasty pre-dinner entrees, first course dishes or square appetizer plates are what you need to get munching. These are also perfect for a sugary treat after the meal, and the ideal place to put sides during the main course.

Count On White Tableware:  Generally, it is a good idea to choose a neutral such as basic white or ivory as is the most versatile of formal tableware set. These are tableware for longevity, solid or banded a timeless, versatile options as it is aesthetically pleasing on its own, bringing out the colours of your vegetables, fruits, meats and etcetera and increases your appetite along with it.

A white plate or ivory plate with a small single color band or outer rim can add elegance while still allowing you to mix and match with other china, placemats and linens adding colour and persona. Add

accessories like napkins to add colour and personality to an otherwise neutral table. 

Express yourself  with tableware: You can express your personality and complement your home décor by incorporating a wide range of designs ranging from casual to stylish by using colours and patterns for more informal dinners. Stylish tableware adds colourful unique accent pieces –a stunning silver dish or antique glass platter can become a centrepiece when adorned with fresh herbs or finger desserts.

A good set of tableware is the pride of your dining table to not just complements your meals but the tone for your at-home dining experience and expresses your personal style. Now, transform your dinners and lunches into stylish, sophisticated feasts by mixing and matching different styles, and look for interesting textures. Happy hunting.