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Gezellig Ceramic Oval Rice Plate | Pasta Platter

Gezellig Ceramic Oval Rice Plate | Pasta Platter

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The Decor Circle's printed serving oval platter has a handmade wavy texture that makes it one-of-a-kind and soulful. This fish print oval rice plate is ideal for being the center of attention at your dinner table, adding a feeling of elegance with minimal effort to make your dining experience unforgettable. This large oval rice plate can be used to serve snacks and meals as starter plates or appetizer plates. The ceramicoval rice plate include natural embossed images of fishes that may be used with both formal and informal table settings.To serve dishes, pair the oval rice plate with bowls of the same color and style. Click here for more.

  • Use this food platter to serve snacks, pastas and noodle dishes
  • This product is handcrafted and hence each piece may vary from the other
  • Material - Ceramic
  • Dimensions - 30.5 *17* H2 (12") ( Please check size picture )
  • Items Included: 1 piece/each piece is sold individually 
  • Colour - White
  • SKU - 3GC-D082
  • We at decor circle help our community by working with our local artists in rural areas, a little inclusions are part of the manufacturing process and their beauty


The product can be machine washed and hand washed.The product is not microwave safe but it is Oven Safe. Wipe with a clean cloth. Keep away from slippery hands and wipe with a clean cloth 

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