Bird Decor Blue Crystal sculptures (Set of 3)

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These beautiful decor bird sculptures are a stunning accessory to have in your living room or console decor.This set of 3 ostrich legs are a stunning sculpture to add to your home decor collection. 


Blue Crystals exhibit the coolest color. Blue is the color of the sky and of the ocean, after all.It’s the color of sincerity, inspiration, and spirituality. It’s calming as much as it is conservative.A balance of blue colors will bring trust and faith in yourself and in others. It will also restore or increase the peace, joy, and tranquility in your life.


Crystal sculptures will enhance your intuitive abilities, spark your inspiration, and show you how you can become more honest and sincere - display Crystal sculptures on your coffee tables or make it a part of your condole entrance area welcoming guests with the most positive energies.

  • Crystal sculptures are a perfect gift for a new house
  • One of a kind handmade sculptures
  • The superior quality brass redefines art and class in its real sense.
  • Center piece for your coffee table or your console tables
  • Each piece will vary from one another
  • Material - Brass sculpture with natural sea crystals
  • Ultra Luxury finish
  • Colour - Blue & Gold
  • Package Included - 3 sculptures
  • Dimensions - large-9*9*21cm Medium-9*9*19cm small-9*9*13cm
  • SKU - 3GC-A42
  • There may be small variations which are characteristic of the handcrafting process and contribute to their beauty, each piece is unique to the other.