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  • Apricus Pink Small Bowls (Set of 2)
  • Apricus Pink Small Bowls (Set of 2)
  • Apricus Pink Small Bowls (Set of 2)
  • Apricus Pink Small Bowls (Set of 2)
  • Apricus Pink Small Bowls (Set of 2)
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Apricus Pink Small Bowls (Set of 2)

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This Pink Small bowls will look great on your table. The first impression of the complete food arrangement is just as essential as great and well-prepared food in a dining setting. A well-presented food leads in a more enjoyable meal. It is said that a person eats with his eyes first, then with his mouth.

Simply presenting the food on elegant and beautiful pink small bowls will thrill your visitors' taste senses. Curry bowls are a great way to make an impression when serving a full all-course meal to your special guests. It is a good idea to get Curry bowls that complement your current tableware and utensils.

  • These small katori bowls are used to serve curries and soups for individuals
  • It is Ovenproof, micro proof and also dish washer friendly.
  • This product is handcrafted and hence each piece may vary from the other
  • Material - Ceramic 
  • Dimensions - 4.57 inches (Dia)   Dia:11.6 cm H:6.5 cm  
  • Items Included: 2 pieces
  • Colour -  Pink
  • SKU - 3GC-D084
  • We at decor circle help our community by working with our artists in rural areas, a little inclusions are part of the manufacturing process and their beauty


The product can be machine washed and hand washed.The product is Microwave safe and Oven Safe.Wipe with a clean cloth. Keep away from slippery hands and wipe with a clean cloth.