Creating a luxury tea experience

Creating a luxury tea experience


Tea, An Emotion

Having a cup of tea is an emotion in India. It has become an important part of our daily lives. Starting the day with bed tea to family chat to serious business discussions to social and family gatherings…. nothing is complete without a cup of tea.


Essence of Tea

Tea is such a beverage which was firstly known for its medicinal purposes and later known by its refreshing qualities. It was available only to the wealthy at first but, slowly, the luxury of having tea became a necessity in every culture i.e., Japan, China, Korea, India, UK and others. Every person goes for different tea delicacies. From more water, less milk, no milk, one sugar cube, two sugar varies a lot. Every person should have a luxury to drink tea of their own taste.




International Tea Day

It is one of the favourite hot beverages of almost everyone. It can be found anywhere i.e., from tapri to a 5-star hotel. This superstar beverage is even celebrated on May 21 as International Tea Day.


About Bone China

Bone China is made up of real bones (usually cow bone). This ingredient makes bone china thinner and smoother than other china or porcelain. It is lightweight, durable and more expensive than other materials. To make tableware less brittle, the bone ash makes it more less likely to break.


Having a luxury tea experience

Apart from drinking tea from cup, people also like to enjoy the surrounding and atmosphere around it. This is what a tea culture is defined as, the way tea is made and consumed, to the way people interact with tea to the aesthetic surrounding the tea drinking place.

One can enjoy having with friends, family, business clients/partners. There are many ways in which an entire luxury experience can be hosted for our loved ones. The same way people look for variety cuisines from different countries with endless flavours, it is a lot more interesting to look at different drinking cultures too. This all brings a newness and refreshens the life.

Setting up the entire place with matching pattern tea set, platters, vases, candle holders…. provides a beautiful and elegant tea experience to everyone enjoying the tea.




English breakfast

Having tea along with pancakes, different breads and savouries with your family in the garden, dining or balcony can be a great idea for a lavish English breakfast. This is the time you can spend with your family and have a little chit-chat session.




Low tea or Afternoon tea

As in United Kingdom, a formal afternoon meet up with business clients for meetings and discussions in hotels, cafes or office rooms can bring out great ideas. Goes along with it some small sandwiches, a slice of cake, or fancy desserts on cake stands/platters. This can also be a quick break from office hours.

Having an afternoon tea in garden, elegant dining tables, cafes, living rooms is a source of entertainment. Relaxing, socializing, dancing, and enjoying a cup of tea has become a great way to mingle up in women.




High Tea

Guests are treated as God in India. Serving guests is considered a fundamental part of hospitality not only in India but all the world including Morocco, Japan, Russia and others. Drinking tea during high tea along with other knick-knacks, sweet and savoury items relax the mind off from all the stress and tension throughout the day. This time is well spent with family and friends, socializing and relaxing. 




Gifting Tea Sets

Drinking tea in beautiful cups and environment is as important as drinking a healthy tea. Every sip of tea brings peace to mind. A nice, elegant, luxurious matching pattern tea cup set also lightens up the décor of the place. It can be used as a gifting opportunity in wedding gifts, corporate gifts, and on many more occasions.



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