All our serving plates and platters are handmade and oven & microwave safe - Just handle us with Love.

Dining space is regarded as the most important place in many homes, not only in India but also in many countries. The Luxury Dinner plates and Serving platter sets from The Decor Circle not only make dining more aesthetically pleasing, but they also add to the decor of a table setting. Our range of food plates includes Serving plates set, serving platter sets, starter plates, dinner plates, fruit plates, single-serve plates, stylish serving platters, ceramic platters, and more. Dinner plates are an essential part of the tableware collection which forms a part of the dinner set. The serving plates are composed of high-quality ceramic, which ensures long-term durability and is unaffected by changes in weather. In today's world, serving plates and platters have become popular and are used more widely, yet there was no such distinction in ancient times.