Decorating with Vases

Decorating with Vases

Our mind focuses only on the necessary furniture while organising interiors; but it is a vase which gives tangible form to empty space, music to silence -- Georges Braque.

Vases have always been one of the most versatile interior design accents instantly adding the wow factor we all are after. The appearance of a room can change a lot through floral arrangements in vases, creating a relaxing atmosphere and bringing a touch of splendor. Vases, often act almost imperceptibly, making the interior more interesting, more original and more elegant. They instantly add color and texture to a fireplace mantel, coffee table or even on top of a kitchen island imbibing it with a curated look for presence and statement.

Let’s talk now, about how to decorate the interior with vases – as they offer the opportunity to inexpensively redecorate in a very short time and therefore vases are cherished by home owners, interior designers and events planners.

Inviting entry

Greet your visitors at the very entry by a floor vase in the hallway loaded with an exquisite display of flowers. This will always make a conversation-starter as soon as guests step inside your home. These can be standalone pieces; beautiful works of art. The floor vase can complement the color scheme of the room or usher in an accent hue. In the neutral, modern entry, it is the latter approach that works best.

Vases for Large living and Dining Rooms

For a large living and dining room, ideally a round vase is perfect to carry defined colors. In the living room a round table looks incredible when styled with a single centerpiece generously packed with a blend of snow-white roses, hydrangeas and lilies. Keep in mind to keep the floral arrangements of varying heights; the look is balanced but refrained from being flat. Place large vases in the corner of the living room, where I will suggest thin or slender vase. As for color, you can choose either plain or mixed. Pottery or porcelain or crystal transparent vase induce a lot of variety and life. The glass colors are also stunning.

While a dining table is a perfect platform for your finest lot of flowers in large round vases as centerpieces or a potpourri of flowers. Some kitchens have small furniture or cabinets, which you can decorate with small vases. They come in various formsespecially the bottles shaped vases with wide base and narrow peak are the best. Try changing up your flower colour scheme to give your interior a new look every few weeks.

Glass Vase, Corner Vase For Small Environments

If your living room or dining room is definitely small vases should be of non-invasive design and size . For example the type of bottle or jar Roman type (wide and narrow the nozzle at the base). The corners can be exploited very well with slender vases and centerpieces too using clear glass vases. Its texture will pass as well as allowing light integrated into the environment without recharging. In these glass vases place stones or potpourri of flowers.

Bedside Beauty

Your bedroom is the last place you’ll find yourself at night and the first place you wake up to in the morning, so creating satisfying surroundings is key for a good mood. A posy of pretty flowers by your bedside table will not only benefit you visually; but also lift your energy for a good day ahead. But avoid extra-large arrangements, as you’ll need space for a bedside lamp, your nighttime reads, mobile or any other essentials you want by your side.

The variety of vases in the market are simply endless from tall and imposing, to delicate and understated as they come in every different shape, size and color you can possibly imagine making them the perfect accessory for every home. These also make great housewarming gifts too. Go and grab one for your home!Happy shopping!


How to choose a vase for the interior?


First of all, decide which task the vases are going to solve and choose it based on that.

The floor vases must be with a height of about 40 cm.
If the vase is lower, it is better to place it on –a table, a support, a shelf, a window sill.
If the vase is narrow and elongated, place a large flower in itor assortment of branches, herbs, dried flowers, bamboo, etc.
Lush bouquets are best placed in vases with a wide mouth
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