Put the fun in brunch this summer and let's take a trip down memory lane to our childhood days when we spent our weekends at family picnics, out in the sun with a basket of food in tow. With a combination of warm, cozy colours like blush pink, teal and yellow along with earthen tones that catch the heart of your loved ones, Decor Circle's new tableware and serveware is here to take your brunches up a notch. 


Synonymous with luxury and elegance, our multipurpose bowls will be the perfect addition to your collection this summer and make your in- home picnics a hit! Showcasing the beautiful grain of wood, these handcrafted bowls come in a range of arresting colours and prints,which will add an extra oomph to these wooden beauties. Ideal to serve almost everything - from salads to pastas to keeping fruits on display - these durable and contemporary bowls are on top of brunch trends this summer. So whether it's a bijoux balcony bonanza or a country themed brunch, Decor circle's striking yet modern collection of wooden bowls will give you the feel of fine dining at the comfort of your home.

          multipurpose bowl, salad bowl


Another summer trend that is a sure shot way to take your brunch game up is our range of earthy platter and bowl sets that can be used for just about everything. Enjoy your pad thai, pasta or even a light snack in these chic and fashionable sets. Serve your guests not just a tempting meal but also an elevated visual feast with our stoneware ceramic serving platter and bowl sets that will add character and luxury to your brunches. The amalgamation of different colours and textures in a potter's wheel pattern makes them perfect for a hearty welcome to your guests this summer. 

 ceramic plate and bowl set

Serveware that screams luxury is the newest trend to hit the market this summer. Give your guests an unforgettable dining experience with our unmatched cutlery sets of four that adds grace and elegance to your brunch set up and creates a visual harmony. These exquisite yet minimalistic cutlery sets in a gold finish consists of a Dining spoon, Fork, Knife and one Teaspoon and are an ideal mix of functionality and beauty. These conversation starters will be the icing on the top for your brunch and help complete the look. 

 gold cutlery set


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