Collection: Wooden Bowls & Servers

Forget about Glass! These Wooden Bowls Exude Rustic Charm

From salad to snacks, these wooden bowls will enhance your food and make it seem as if they were served at a 5-star restaurant. A wooden bowl can be used to serve dry snacks during a game night, a movie night, or any other pleasant get-together at home. These linked wooden bowls are a must-have in any Indian family, ideal for a variety of snacks, dried fruits, or dips. It will give your dining space a rustic feel. A sanctuary for Natural Wood & Enamel bowls of various sizes, this is the place to go for Eco-friendly bowls. From decor to cutlery, wood is rapidly making its way into modern and contemporary houses. These wooden salad bowls are available in yellow, pink, black, and many other colors and are excellent for serving popcorn, salads, and other foods.

With Our Printed Wooden Bowls and Servers, You Can Serve Your Snacks with Elegance.

Our printed wooden salad bowls and servers offer a splash of color to your dining table. Entertainment has just got a whole lot more fun! The wooden salad bowl with a matching set of wooden salad servers. Serve your dishes with purity and charm. Having a pair of wooden serving bowls on the dining table, makes the food appear so elegant. Our various printed wooden bowls online serve different functions and can be used to serve snacks to your family or visitors in a classy manner — wooden serving bowls work great with salad, snacks, and bread. Check out our collection online of handcrafted snack bowls. We have large snack bowls that can contain many meals as well as small snack bowls that are just suitable for one person.

A Wooden Bowl a be Perfect Match For a Perfect Kitchen

Your modular kitchen needs modular equipment, Upgrade to these modern wooden bowls to make your snacks seem more delightful and presentable. These Wooden Snack bowls will look beautiful in your kitchen. Printed wooden bowls are a great addition to any table setting, especially when celebrating. They are ideal for serving popcorn, nuts, and chips. The bright colors especially add to all the enjoyment!

Now is the time to buy wooden bowls online.

While the names wooden fruit bowls and wooden snacks bowls imply that these bowls can be used to serve salad and nuts, respectively, our bowls are multitasking masters. We have pasta bowls, salad bowls, dessert bowls, chutney bowls, cereal bowls, serving bowls, noodle bowls, sauce bowls, ice cream bowls, fruit bowls, snack bowls, and that can be used to serve snacks such as fries, popcorn, sandwiches, fruits, and desserts, and much more. We also provide microwave-safe bowls, oven-safe bowls, and ceramic bowl sets for those who enjoy baking.

Our products are all food-safe and have a food-grade coating. After washing, dry the bowls with a clean cloth to restore their natural charm. Working in the handicrafts sector results in small variations in each product. We perceive them as the natural beauty of the wood grain and texture, as well as the craftsman who has made the piece. The Decor Circle believes in better materials, better designs, and better service because we believe the earth deserves better. All of our goods are made from natural materials and created by some of the country's best craftsmen and artisans.

  • Do not use for hot liquid like soup or curries
  • To be hand washed only, Do not machine wash.
  • Do not use a hard brush or detergent while cleaning.
  • Keep in a cool and dry place and Keep away from sunlight or direct heat.