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Coaster Set

Discover Designer Coasters that complement your home decor, whether it is conventional or a touch more unique. Create a theme for your next cocktail party and serve drinks on matching coasters to wow your visitors. The Decor Circle one-of-a-kind coasters will protect your table while impressing your guests. Our coasters, which are handcrafted and inspired by all things exquisite, will be the talk of any party. With a fantastic set of coasters, you can take your entertainment to a whole new level. Because each item is unique in shape and size, please allow for natural flaws. Each coaster is unique in terms of form, size, marks, and colors.

Why buy a Coaster Set from The Decor Circle?

Premium Quality of Material: because of its excellent quality, it is a decoration worth bringing home

Browse a variety of tableware categories such as trays, platters, knives, bowls, dinner sets, and so on. Natural agate stones are used to make these coasters. They are an excellent way to add a touch of class to any table setting. The edges are thickly laser engraved with shiny gold. Each item is unique in its way, and that is what makes them so appealing!

By purchasing this item from us, you are not only helping the environment but also ensuring a sustainable way of life for the marginal craftsmen who create these amazing pieces of art.

Do You Have to Use a Coaster on Your Tables? What Happens If You Don’t?

Nothing irritates more than seeing a guest set their drink next to your stack of coasters rather than on one. It is not that tough, but the coffee and wine glass ring marks on the table suggest otherwise.

Bring these out for a party or just leave them on your dining table every day. It only takes a few seconds to set your teacup on the tea coaster; it looks lovely and protects your hardwood table from damage.

Contribute to Home decor

Coasters are one of the most idealistic ways to improve the decor of a simple dinner table. It is amazing how such simple objects may contribute to your table decor and overall home environment. There are many different colors, patterns, and forms to select from. Also, if you are feeling very inventive, you may build your DIY coasters by combining some of your original and intriguing ideas.

You may also buy coasters online for multiple occasions. Get a casual coaster set for the dining table and a luxury coaster set for dinner parties, for example. Despite how little they appear on the table, table coasters are very effective at grabbing attention.

Wide Range of Tea Coasters and Table Coaster Sets Online at The Decor Circle

Every coaster set available for purchase online at The Decor Circle is of high quality. These coasters are made from diverse materials such as wood, marble, agate, and so on. Also available in a variety of shapes such as round coasters, square coasters, and leaf shapes coasters that may be used to decorate the dining table.

Table coasters, despite their small size, have so many creative designs engraved on them that they will never go out of style. As a result, the Decor Circle has begun a line of coaster sets with so many beautiful forgings. We have come with some of the most stunning coaster set designs. Each of the designs has a theme, contrast, and pattern that is distinct in some manner.

Thematic coasters define the furniture item well. It may also welcome a variety of additional decor accessories, such as decorative bowls, plates, and platters that complement the theme of the coasters.

Wooden Coasters

Wooden coasters with etched designs provide a seductive charm to the coaster set. The gold finish is also modern enough to blend with the decor of the dining table. However, the decor items are, buying wooden coasters with engraving may always contribute to the fanciness. Some different materials might enhance the attraction of the sets. Naturally formed agate coasters and wooden coasters in beautifully vibrant shades-these can spice any living room coffee table, bedside tables, or your bar counters. The detailing on each piece is exquisite- a unique gold foil pattern with gold electroplated edges.

Marble Coasters

Marble coasters are a sleek, elegant option, and these specific ones feature a particularly functional shape to prevent moisture from leaving unpleasant rings on your table. These marble coasters are constructed of natural white marble and feature a tiny lip around the edges to prevent moisture from leaking over the sides, which is a typical problem with stone coasters. The polished marble coasters are bright and elegant, making them a lovely accent to any tablescape. Buy these decorative marble coasters for cups or glass for your home.

Agate Coasters

Coasters Made of White Agate and Gold-Plated: These natural white agate coasters are made from high-grade agate slices that have been electroplated with silver or gold. It is a beautiful way to bring a bit of luxury to your house. It has been shaped into drink coasters. These agate coasters are made in India, and each agate is hand-cut and polished. Each stone is chosen by hand for its inherent beauty. They can be named tea coasters, drink coasters, stone coasters. Beautiful items to showcase in any room of your house or office. It is a great present! You will receive a set identical to the one seen in the images. Because they are free-form, you will get ovals, rounds, and irregular shapes. Each one is one-of-a-kind and stunning! All of the agate Coasters are lovely. Ideal for home decor and wedding gifts.