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Fox Observer Rock Crystal Brass Animal Sculptures

Fox Observer Rock Crystal Brass Animal Sculptures

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For the observer in you that sees all and then reacts - your chi is strong let this sculpture bring out your inner qualities in your decor.

These crystal animal sculptures are made with naturally formed sea crystals.This crystal animal sculpture can add an uber amount of luxury & elegance to any room corner.It can be used as a single piece for your coffee table or as a set of 3 brass animal sculptures highlighting a bit of quirkiness to your room.



Rock crystal is one of the most powerful healing stones. Rock crystal helps with improving self-respect. This universal crystal is a power stone, capable of cleansing, balancing, and energizing. This stone brings back memories, solves problems, dispels negativity.. It intensifies prayers, and positive visualization. It keeps us in close contact to the spiritual side of our personality and reminds us that our true nature is purely Spiritual One.


Bring this energy charged crystal sculpture into your homes -You can capture and enjoy the different emotions of these animals and reflect your own spirit animal in them for your home decor.. An inspiration to behold, set him up and watch the compliments flow!

This can be a perfect house warming gift for a close friend or relative, give us a call and we will gift wrap it for you.

  • Perfect to decorate your bar decor or office area
  • One of a kind handmade sculptures
  • The superior quality brass redefines art and class in its real sense.
  • Center piece for your coffee table or your console tables
  • Each piece will vary from one another
  • Material - Brass with natural sea crystals
  • Ultra Luxury finish
  • Colour - Rock Crystal & Gold
  • Package Included - one sculpture
  • Dimensions - 15*8*10cm(Observer)
  • SKU - 3GC-A012C
  • Care Instructions - Wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth
  • There may be small variations which are characteristic of the handcrafting process and contribute to their beauty, each piece is unique to the other.
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