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Collection: Garden Planter Collection

Flower Pots, Concrete Pots, Planters are available for purchase online in India 

Planters are the pots in which plants are grown. These decorative garden pots are intended to improve the aesthetic of your garden as well as to grow plants. You may select classic or contemporary plant pots based on the area and design. Today, having a garden in your backyard or on your balcony is considered a luxury. The appropriate kind of flower pots and concrete planters may help you beautify these wonderful pieces of nature, especially with the smaller sizes of residential spaces these days. Plant pots are no longer composed of a single material. Wood, terracotta, concrete, and various stoneware, are all common plant pot materials.

Each material has its unique set of qualities that will necessitate a somewhat different approach. For example, you can pour soil into a concrete planter and grow a plant there.

The Decor Circle has a large selection of planters for every location :

The Decor Circle offers a wide range of decorative pots for any location, whether you want to enhance your apartment balcony or your work area. You'll find an incredible selection of planters that will blow your mind. We have modern garden pots, triangle planters, decorative pots, outdoor and indoor planters, planters for the living room, planters for villas, planters for bungalows, planters for farmhouses. We have everything from traditional planters to contemporary flower pots. At one click, you can find designer flower pots, wooden planters, planters with wooden stands including terracotta planters. At, you can shop for the highest quality wooden planters, terracotta planters, and concrete planters online at the best prices in India. We offer a wide variety of unique flower vases, planters, and plant containers for sale online at reasonable prices, with guaranteed doorstep delivery!

There is a large selection of planters and flower pot designs to choose from :

We provide indoor and outdoor flower planters in a variety of sizes and shades, grey planters, white planters, black planters, brown planters, tall planters, small planters, and more. Planters are not only decorative items, but they are also calming to the eyes. When you get home from work, they make you feel refreshed. Spend some time looking through our inventory to buy planters online. Looking at our amazing choice of plant holders and decorative planters online in India will astound you, as they can transform India's modern living spaces into lovely residences. In every room, use these to contain a lovely and welcome plant. Place your order right now! 

Planters For Balcony :

City and apartment residents with limited room must devise new ways to fulfill their gardening passions by growing more in less area. Balcony planters in India come in a variety of forms and sizes to help you get the most out of your limited gardening space. Furthermore, for your balcony garden, you may select from a broad range of vivid colors and gorgeous patterns of flower planters. These balcony planters may be simply placed in your balcony area to receive optimum sunshine and fresh air. 

Make Your Home Light Up!

Planters and flower pots are an excellent way to add color and texture to your decor. Our planters keep your interiors green and vibrant no matter what the weather is like outside. Get a piece of mother nature within your walls with our terracotta flower pot or decorate your balconies with decorative planters - our planters keep your interiors green and vibrant no matter what the weather is like outside. 

We have planters made of concrete , which is a high-quality hardened clay that has a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and can be used as a decorative component in the home. Planters aren't the only decor item that might help you relax in your own house. We are leading in many other home decor items that will give the same effect. Stunning flower vases, decorative sculptures, decor accents, and wall decor, to name a few.

Concrete Planters for Home Decor :

Concrete planters are a quick way to enhance your outdoor living space. These planters and pots appear traditional, organic, and high-end no matter what your style is, and they last a lifetime. We discovered some of the best concrete planters for you, and they all come in a variety of styles and sizes. So whether you need a tall planter for a front door entryway, a concrete urn for a garden focal point, or a tiny concrete planter for a living room or bedroom, we have it. Also, don't be scared to utilize planters and pots in your actual garden area. It's a fantastic way to liven up a flower garden that isn't blooming right now.

Why put it off any longer? Buy concrete flower pots or planters online, select a color from a wide selection of options, select a size, and have them delivered right to your home.

Select pots that appeal to you or go with the decor of your area from the planter’s selection, place your purchase, and be confident that the same gorgeous planter will be delivered to you. The concrete pots may be used to pot any type of plant, and they can even be placed in direct sunlight, so you can rest assured that your pot will look as lovely as ever with your plant.

Should drainage holes be included in plant pots?

Drainage holes on the bottom of plant pots are not required. On the other hand, a drainage hole benefits the plant by allowing it to breathe and protecting its roots and soil from floods.

The plant is ventilated through the drainage hole at the bottom. It allows air to pass through the soil in the pot, which is beneficial to some plants but not to others.

The risk of over watering is reduced when your planter has a drainage hole at the bottom. This is because any surplus water simply sips out through the bottom hole. Simply lay a saucer beneath the pot to catch the spilled water and protect your floors.